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Our Clients

I have worked with VocaLink for many years and you and your team are a “class-act”!
Patti, Director, Case Management
Vocalink’s interpreter was very kind to the patient and made everybody feel very comfortable. It is very rewarding to know that our interpreters make a huge difference in the care that our patients receive. They are an essential part of our team and we really appreciate the work that they do.
Carmen, Hospital Interpreter Coordinator, Patient Experience
The interpreter that I encountered today was very helpful in making sure communication was effective this morning. She was dressed very professional and was very friendly. We appreciate all of her help and look forward to working with her again.
Casey, Language Services Supervisor
Appreciate the great service!
Bob, Senior Regional Safety & Health Coordinator
We were most pleased with your Russian interpreter’s services. She was able to stay on top of the discussions and our Kazakhstan visitors felt comfortable working with her, and asking for clarification when needed. She was very punctual, polite and patient. Please relay to her my personal thank you for a job well done.
Lee, Sr. Vice-President, Health Management Services
I wanted to let you know the two Interpreters that helped with the Latino Health Fair did an Excellent Job!! Both were pleasant/friendly, efficient, caught on quick to our processes, and were very helpful with all aspects of the event. It was a pleasure to work with both of them. I look forward to working with either of them again.
Praise to Vocalink’s project manager, Ahmed. Please let him know how painless he has made this process for me. His efforts are very much appreciated!