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A full suite of solutions at our clients’ fingertips
With Vu™, Vocalink’s innovative translation management platform, our clients have access to a full suite of solutions and resources to simplify their language services needs.

Vu is an integrated, secure, web-based platform that provides clients’ access to scheduling, project management, quality management, the localization environment, translation memory, terminology management, suppliers’ access, business management, financials, and reporting.

Greater access to content
By centralizing translation content, we offer clients improved quality, easy content retrieval, and visibility over translation activities. Complete integration and real-time content editing means translation memories are always up to date and consistent. Side-by-side translation and review functionalities further enable our clients to review source files against target files and preview graphic file formats to allow for efficient quality checks.

Universal file format support
Vu supports a wide variety of file formats, including software, design, web, development, document processing, spreadsheets, graphics, email, mobile applications, and code files. It is what enables us to efficiently and cost-effectively translate and adapt virtually any media platform our clients use for their source documents. Vu can integrate with other types of authoring, document management, content management, and ERP systems, making content flow between our clients and our translators seamless.

Unparalleled visibility to project management details
With Vu, clients can access their complete language management solutions from anywhere in the world using any device with an Internet connection. With the click of a button, they can create, approve, and track orders online; review budgets and spend; download deliverables for new and legacy projects; and access the translation environment collaboratively with our teams. Clients can provide access to multiple users in their organizations; our team will customize each users’ profile to best support their access and needs.

Vu is inherently scalable, allowing us to host our clients’ linguistic assets without limit.