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Audit (LingoStats360)

Balancing compliance with available resources
A host of federal and state laws and regulations require healthcare providers to make professional language services available to Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients. Yet the ability to do so effectively can be a challenge, particularly when financial resources and human capital are limited.

That’s why we created LingoStats360, an innovative audit program that uses hard data to help healthcare providers improve compliance and use their resources more efficiently. We apply Six Sigma methods to analyze historical and surveyed data and develop an understanding of the patient population, staffing needs, existing workflow, current processes, and budgets. From there, we catalog fulfillment rates within each department, the LEP growth rate, and peak and flow rates that result in inefficient staffing for interpreting services.

Comprehensive solutions for language services
Based on our analysis, we will identify gaps in service provision, opportunities for improvement, and a concrete plan to reach desired fulfillment rates. For example, we can help clients determine an optimum mix of onsite, telephone, and video remote interpreting solutions to stretch financial resources while improving patient care. For areas where patient populations are in flux, we can conduct a LingoStats audit as often as necessary to ensure our clients maintain compliance and an economical staffing model.