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Only four days left in the World Choir Games competition and the city was alive with various Children’s choirs! As I made my way through the city checking on the local Hospitals using our AutoTriage program as a communication tool for triaging patients, I snapped a couple of pictures of the activities and the Health Clinic which we are supporting.

The local medical professionals have worked for months preparing their staffs on how to handle and work with the participants from many countries attending the WCG.  UC Health is the official Medical sponsor for the games having clinics stationed throughout the city to help participants with their medical needs. Many of the participants are not needing extensive care, however all of the local hospitals have been put on alert and prepared to support the participants if needed.

Vocalink is happy to be part of this process by supplying the WCG medical facilities with our new product AutoTriage to help communicate with their patients.  We are looking forward to learning how the iPad application was able to support their needs to communicate with participants.  The application, AutoTriage, designed by a team of ED doctors will be able to be customized to meet the needs of various facilities and departments allowing the medical team to proceed with the patient care without the need of an interpreter.  Some of the initial feedback we have received from St. Elizabeth Edgewood “during the ED Triage process we normally use the telephone interpreting services slowing the process by as much as 20 minutes, with the iPad the patient was able to answer the questions in less than 5 minutes, it was a great time saver.”

When the WCG came to an end all of the usage data was compiled to customize and improve the application to then make it available via the iTunes store for use across the country and even globally.