//Why is corporate blogging good for business? The open kitchen approach.

As I am responsible for our company’s social network, I had to answer a specific question that, although not voiced, was on everyone’s minds: Why is blogging good for business?

We did go through the numbers and they do show the advantage of a good content marketing initiative, but it all comes down to the level of exposure you wish to reach. Is it really that good to come out and talk about your experiences and how you go about solving your company’s problems? Are you giving it away to the competition? And, perhaps most important of all, will it make you look good or will it harm you in any way? Corporate blogging is the ultimate window into your company’s activity. It shows the world out there, and keep in mind that that world out there is where your present and future clients live, what your company is all about from an up close and personal perspective. I call it the “open kitchen” approach.

My favorite restaurants are those where you can actually see the whole kitchen from where you are sitting; you see how what you are eating (or about to eat) gets done. Are they giving away their culinary secrets? Any special insight on methodology that will make them lose the competitive edge that sets them apart from others? How about the way they organize their pots and pans? Will revealing that much be good or bad in the long run? The answer to all these questions, from the customer stand point, is just irrelevant; they just want good food. As for the competition, let me remind you that showing the kitchen is one thing, showing your cookbooks is another.

The people interested in your company, and those already engaged in a business relationship with it, will love to see what is going on in your “kitchen”. That is the best way you can show them how your products/services came to be and what is involved in their making – the level of expertise, organization, care, research… All that makes you unique and gives true value to what you are offering. That’s a good thing in my book.

Showing your company in such a way, opening it to the world so candidly, is important because it shows how confident you are about what you do and how you do it. How you keep your clients happy, however, will be the subject of another post – two words: customer service. In the meantime, don’t be afraid of showing the world who you are because that´s what corporate blogging is. And remember, if you are afraid to open your kitchen to the world, something must be wrong with your cooking.