//When the MBE needs the Majority to be their sub-contractor

Imagine this: there is a $5M contract where the incumbent contractor is a large business. Unless they find a MBE to partner with they will lose the business. Here’s the twist… The MBE will be the prime! Most large businesses understand the teaming relationship when they are the prime; but they don’t really “get it” when they are not. The dynamics change entirely and they are outside of their comfort zone.

This story is about my first experience as an MBE with marketing to a large business to see if I could interest them in teaming with my company to go after contracts on a national footprint in a very select portion of the market. I was pretty confident initially because I had the entry way that they did not. The challenge was that they needed to by my sub-contractor.

After eighteen months of consistent monthly touches to about 3-4 different managers within a specific geographic territory, guess how many emails and phone calls were answered? You guessed it… ZERO!!

Now for the twist. An agency wanted to procure a contract with the hope of placing it with an MBE prime instead of a large business prime.  Guess who the incumbent was? Yep, the same company I had been marketing to for 18 months. I sent a new message that week about this particular contract and attached a supporting document and my phone and email were packed with VP’s wanting to meet with me. Needless to say, the two companies entered into a teaming agreement with the MBE as the prime and went on to win not only that $5M contract, but another $1M contract within the next year.