//Vocalink Newsflash. Company matters.

Our blogging 2.0 initiative started last January with the participation of our blog authors, and things got more dynamic already, even if this initial stage is not over yet. A lot of exciting things are happening in our industry and in our company and those will soon make the headlines here.

The authors made themselves at home and start feeling comfortable, getting their points across to our (soon to be) millions of readers – (big smile) – and although this will always be an informal and relaxed environment where we all can just sit, relax for a moment and share our professional concerns, projects and views, institutional posts will be published whenever needed.

This first one, rather informal itself, is meant to bring this point home and reafirm our commitment to not only continue to give you a unique perspective of our company, through the experiences of our authors, but also to open this window of opportunities (plural) through which you will get a first glance at what is “cooking” in Interpreting, Translations, Technology and, of course, Client Affairs.

Our new “blog home” is far from being 100% operational, but it feels pretty good already and it is getting better every day. We hope you enjoy visiting us, as always, and wish you a great weekend!