//Translations FAQ 101 – The translation questions YOU are asking #3

What are Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools? In the last two posts of this series we approached two of CAT’s tools: Translation Memory and Software Localization Tools. Terminology Management is today’s tool and we provide an overview of what makes the CAT toolbox.

FAQ’s asked by you:

Q: What are CAT tools?

A: Computer Aided Translation; CAT tools for short, are a group of technology tools that help automate the translation process. Used both by translation agencies and translators, CAT tools can are a combination of:

  1. Terminology management
    2.Software localization tools
    3. Translation memory database

As translation agencies, we experience frustration when working with terminology management for our clients. This usually happens when we do not have clear understanding of the meaning of the terms we have to translate. Terminology management allows your translation agency to make that process more effective. It helps us achieve accurate translations for you.

Terminology management helps us organize terms by defining rules for their usage; ultimately ensuring that the correct term is used within a translation.  To a very high degree, we are able to produce accurate translations and it helps achieve consistency in branding for your clients.

So what is a terminology tool or database?

Terminology management is a database that allows your translation partner to achieve effective and accurate translations by organizing terms taken from the source content you provide. With the use of a special database, we produce a catalog of accepted terms that creates the future of your company’s content in many languages. It is done by creating a clear set of rules for their usage.  This ensures that the correct term is used within a translation. This includes acronyms, synonyms and abbreviations that can cause frustration for you and your translators, especially when attempting to translate them without a clear understanding of their meaning.