//Translation: 6 Ways to Help Us Help You!

The most common piece of feedback we receive from clients is that they would like their projects back faster. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the highest quality translation while also providing the quickest turnaround time. Here are some tips to streamline the process so that you get your project back as soon as possible.

  • Use the system! Using our online project management system, Vu, ensures quicker turnaround on your quotes rather than relying on e-mail communication. Depending on day-to-day schedules, e-mails may not be received as quickly as you think.
  • Only upload your FINAL documents. If you know there are edits that will be made to your documents, please hold off until you are sure you have the final content. If we get an updated document after we have already quoted, this bogs down the overall quoting process.
  • Submit one quote with all source documents rather than submitting multiple requests for the same project. This will save you money! If you consolidate all of your documents into one quote request, you will save $$ due to less time being allocated for project management work on Vocalink’s operations. This will also expedite the translation process, decreasing your turnaround time.
  • If you have a reviewer within your company that evaluates all translations, introduce Vocalink to him or her. This increases productivity by allowing our translators to work directly with the reviewer, rather than referring questions through the requester.
  • Provide Vocalink with a forecast of upcoming projects. The sooner our team is aware of a project, the sooner we can prepare to support you. The best thing for us to be brought in as early as possible. Translations are often an afterthought in projects, but should be considered early on.
  • Provide a “blanket” purchase order for translations with Vocalink. By allocating funds in the form of a PO, the step of requesting a PO from your purchasing department is removed from the process.

Help us help you! These six points will dramatically increase efficiency and decrease turnaround time for your translation needs. Please keep these suggestions in mind for your next project!

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