//Translation Forecasting… Help Us Help YOU!

Forecasting is a crucial part of our Translation operations at Vocalink. When our clients inform us of upcoming projects, our operations team can be better prepared and to support the request. This results in improved quoting accuracy and turnaround times, streamlined project management, improved translation quality, and faster project delivery.

Vocalink incorporated a forecasting initiative through their sales department in 2012 and learned that our customer’s changing business needs directly impacted their translation needs.  The more we learned about business direction into new markets the better we understand how to support the translation needs with advertising, product materials, employee HR forms, etc. So, why do we need to know your upcoming project forecasts? The answer is simple…  So that we can better understand and serve YOUR business!

Forecasting is especially crucial for when your company is entering a new global market, whether it is a new country or a new language. The more advanced notice Vocalink operations has, the more time we will have to assemble translation teams in the language needed and with the proper SME (subject-matter expertise).

These subject-matter experts can be vital to your message and overall branding of the company. By hiring these translators with a specific background, we can allow them some creative liberties rather than just having a straight-forward, dry translation. These experts will know your industry and can use the technical jargon and lingo in their translations. This results in well-written and effective messaging to your audience.

A famous quote by Edgar R. Fiedler regarding economic forecasting in his book The Three R’s of Economic Forecasting – Irrational, Irrelevant and Irreverent, states:

“If you have to forecast, forecast often.”