//Teaming – Stepping outside the box

When looking at teaming arrangements think outside the box and don’t be afraid to step there. Look at your referral partners, look at your competitors, look at your customer base, and look at your market. Define an opportunity, choose a partner and go WIN the business.

I like to tell stories as a way of sharing information; this story is all about stepping outside the traditional box with a customer and asking “what else ya got”? My company recently won a new account. After the first 30 days of operations, I sat down with the customer to make sure they were happy.

Step #1: ensure customer satisfaction

I scheduled an appointment to see the purchasing manager and introduced myself as their new vendor and asked point blank “what other opportunities are there for me to help you grow your MBE spend?”

Step #2: ask for more business

The purchasing manager told me there was a multi-million dollar contract being completed by a non MBE firm because the manager was not able to identify MBE firms that could supply the service needed. I asked for the contact information of this firm, met with them, and found out that the owner was “thinking” about retirement. Hmmm… I see an opportunity!!

Step #3: look for opportunities to partner

This was a clear opportunity to team with the owner for the next bid cycle, learn the operations of his business, and design a strategy for the acquisition. So, the moral of my story is to think outside the box and leverage your MBE status to enter into teaming arrangements as a way to grow your business.

Happy Stepping!!