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Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: Localization is Key!

By Amelia Rodriguez
CEO, Vocalink Language Services

Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: I love this title! It comes from one of my favorite companies in the whole world, Common Sense Advisory. They are the gods of language industry research. Studying about our industry has made them wise beyond their years.  I quote: “Common Sense Advisory polled […]

Vocalink Quality Assurance

It’s that time of year! Vocalink will be sending out quality feedback surveys to all of our current clients within the next couple of weeks. You will receive an e-mail notification and a link to where you can fill out the survey.

I strongly encourage you to fill this out and to be honest! Vocalink is […]

Exciting Announcement from Vocalink to come in January!

During 2012 the interpreting world is and has been making some huge changes to provide quality interpreters and service. Vocalink is changing, growing and moving in an upward direction along with the industry.

Language services in 2013 will be provided, managed and explored in new ways by Vocalink. In January we will be revealing another technology […]

Be Professionally Persistent, Not a Pain in the… !!

We all agree that the fortune is in the follow up… right? The question is how much follow up is the right amount?  How much follow up is too much? I believe that there is a fine line between being professionally persistent and a pain in the …… (you fill in the blank).

Over the years […]