/, Translation/Localization/Supplier Diversity and the MBE Mindset

Based on my experience helping MBE’s leverage their certification into the corporate supply chain for the past 10+ years, here’s what I’ve learned. Certification is a GREAT opportunity for your business, IF, what you do is a product or service that corporates buy. Certification is a tool you can use to open up markets, relationships, and opportunities.

As a diverse supplier, what is your mindset regarding your W/MBE certification as it relates to your ability to sell into the corporate supply chain?

  • Is this a marketing tool?
  • Is this a handout?
  • Can it open doors?
  • Is it an entitlement?
  • Who’s my advocate?

There is a process to marketing to the corporate supply chain as a diverse supplier, and it starts with understanding you value to your customer. The next step is to understand your customer’s business and how you can help them to be more competitive and/or service their clients better.  Once you have determined those two things, find the ONE thing your company can do to the corporation you are targeting that will add value and be a “win-win” relationship. Market that ONE thing with confidence and consistency in your marketing plan, and remember that the corporate mindset is to find a supplier with capacity to grow within their supply chain.