//Newsflash: Ucheck™

Vocalink officially introduces Ucheck™, its Interpreter Transcript Portal. A fully secure online system, Ucheck™, gives authorized hospital  personnel selective access to language interpreter transcripts. This state of the art system helps hospitals meet one of the many Joint Commission’s new language access requirements.

The new Joint Commission standards for language access require that healthcare providers have access to records of interpreters that work at their facilities. Vocalink is one of the first Language Service Providers (LSP’s) to make this possible for its healthcare clients.

Interpreter transcript compliance is but one of the many requirements that healthcare providers have to meet. On-site audits are performed to evaluate a hospital’s language access program. Passing these audits enables hospitals to keep their accreditation. Similarly, Hospitals require its LSP’s to provide transparency to the following interpreter information:

– Background Check
– Drug Screen
– Chest X-ray
– Flu Shot
– TB Shot
– Immunizations
– Language Assessment
– Interpreter Specific Badges
– Legal Status to Work

This move is Vocalink’s way to show its commitment to making it easy for its healthcare clients to achieve compliance and to retain their accreditation. Ucheck™ centralizes mission-critical records and makes them accessible on demand to authorized personnel at its client facilities. Checking the numerous critical interpreter records was until today a tedious and laborious task for healthcare providers, often taking hours to audit as few as five records.  Not anymore. With Ucheck™, hospitals now can, in one glance, review the records and instantly get the information they need.

Vocalink is delighted to be a part of a growing movement headed towards acceptance of interpreting as a respected profession. Interpreters have long waited for the recognition of this complex and demanding medical related profession. Ucheck™ is only the first step in the trajectory of healthcare interpreter compliance, and with it Vocalink is helping raise the bar and the image of this profession that collaborates in efficient patient communication.

Ucheck™ is part of our Interpreting Management System, Tracker™. For an exclusive sneak peek of (good) things to come, click here!

Two important dates that our healthcare clients are watching:
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