/, Industry News/Newsflash: Supplier Diversity Recognition

Did you know that Vocalink is a diverse supplier? Vocalink is a certified MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) and a certified WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise). What does this mean for you, as a Vocalink client?

This means that each time you use Vocalink’s array of services, your company grows their diverse supplier spend. There are many benefits in using a diverse supplier, which Pepperdine University’s  Gwendolyn Whitfield, PhD said best:

“The minority population is increasing in number, purchasing power, and business development activity. This record growth is enabling minorities to wield significant economic power as consumers and business owners. Their clout positions them to be invaluable strategic suppliers and business partners in the years ahead. Companies that are forward-thinking have recognized this status and are implementing thorough supplier diversity plans to stay ahead. Successful plans consider organizational culture, senior-level commitment, strategic alignment, and appropriate risk-taking. There is also significant promise in strategic alliances with diverse suppliers. These alliances have the potential to pay huge dividends down the road.”

Vocalink recently was awarded the “Supplier of the Year” award from the South Central Ohio Minority Supplier Development Council (SCOMSDC). And, of course, everyone at Vocalink is very happy and excited! This is a prestigious award and Amelia, our CEO, and the rest of the staff is honored to receive it.

So, what does this award mean for you, our client? First of all, it means that Vocalink, your translation provider, was honored by an award based on our service to the community and our clients and also overcoming all of the obstacles along the way that a minority business enterprise has to go through. This also puts Vocalink in the spotlight as a diverse supplier on a national level. This means HUGE growth potential for Vocalink as a company.

What does this award mean to Vocalink? This award means the world to Vocalink! Being a diverse supplier means that Amelia and her staff have overcome many obstacles in the business world. This award also means that Vocalink has been and still is supportive of our community, other businesses and neighborhoods alike. For example, Amelia is on a number of committees that support other local Women Business Enterprises and Minority Business Enterprises. Vocalink is continually growing and also supporting other businesses in their pursuit for success. Vocalink is proud to serve all of our valued clients and has a bright future ahead!