A job to do.

A certified minority-owned, woman-owned business, Vocalink is a Dayton, Ohio, based multilingual managed services company firmly positioned as a leader in the translation and globalization industry, but we are more than just a translation company.

A vision to fulfill.

Our vision is to make it easy for you to do business throughout the world in ANY language, in ANY way at ANY time. Through our worldwide network of skilled linguists and our proprietary global content management solutions we can help you centralize your international communications by managing your communication across cultures and with your international markets.

Our services are tailored to help clients centralize and access their global content, localize more material through repurposed content, deliver their brand message consistently worldwide and reduce indirect operational costs.

What our customers say about us:

“Vocalink is more than just a translation company… They are true professionals who use a consultative approach in their services rather than just being concerned about the translation of words. This combination of linguistic excellence, creative approach, and cultural and technical expertise makes Vocalink a valuable and unique partner for translation and localization services. We highly recommend their services.”
– Teradata, a division of NCR

“We appreciate Vocalink’s commitment to quality translations and customer service. Their translators are proficient at handling our technical documents, their editors and proofreader’s are the best in the business, and our Project Manager is great! All together, Vocalink makes my job easier all the time.”
– Gasper, a division of NCR

“Vocalink has been a pleasure to work with. Your focus on quality is obvious and I was consistently assured that the best possible team was always assigned to my project.”
– Convergys Corporation

Anywhere is not just a word.

Vocalink has assets all around the globe to provide the best services to businesses and industries in fields has diverse has Health Care, Manufacturing, Legal and Information Technology.

Vocalink was founded in 1995 by Amelia Rodriguez as an interpretation company serving the local Dayton, Ohio, market. In 1998 Vocalink added translation to its service line, resulting in an accelerated annual growth rate of over 40% and a long list of satisfied customers. In 2001 Vocalink further expanded the level of its provided services and, as its reputation as a stellar performer grew, soon claimed as clients some of the largest companies in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

Since enlarging its Dayton offices in 2009, the company has continued to expand its influence in multilingual managed services, including interpretation, translation, and localization – not just in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky but nationwide.

Pay us a visit @ vocalink.net to know more.