Looking for Vocalink material to use in your article/news story?
If you are making a piece on Vocalink and you need elements to help you compose it, we are glad to help. For this purpose, we compiled a few elements that may prove to be useful in a Media kit.

Look no further.
You may use the elements in the Media Kit while covering any story related to Vocalink, and should you need any that are not in it or feel like we should add any, please let us know! We will make it happen!

Click on the flash drive below to download the Media Kit – Last Update: 2012/02/24

Here is what you will find in the kit:

Vocalink corporate image elements (eng/us)*
Amelia Rodríguez photo (CEO, Vocalink)
Amelia Rodríguez bio and company history and services overview (eng/us)*
Vocalink contact sheet (eng/us)*
Vocalink logo graphic standards (eng/us)*

* elements in other languages provided on demand.

Two things you should know:

One, we are always looking for ways to improve our services, and this is no exception. The Media Kit will be updated regularly to reflect Vocalink’s latest information. And two, like all material relative to the company, all elements in the Media Kit are copyright and/or trademarks of Vocalink and by downloading it you are agreeing to respect copyright and trademark laws and the graphic standards that may apply to any of the content in the Media Kit, as explained within.

Thank you for your interest in Vocalink! We do appreciate it.