//Greetings from the new girl…

Christina Brownlee

Fri, February 27

The older you get, the better you should be at creating your “things I must have” and “things I will not tolerate” lists for new jobs. There are things that are obvious… please pay me appropriately, please have a solid foundation (no sinking ships!), and please have a vision complete with a concrete strategy for reaching your goals as a company. There are also those more subtle yeas and nays that I have added to my lists over the years such as a casual environment at work, a healthy company culture where everyone is valued and encouraged, opportunity for growth as a person and an employee, and an innovative leadership team.

So, here I sit as the new Marketing Director for Vocalink and I am one fantastically thankful girl. Not only did I get to check off all of my wants and needs, the deeper I dive into what the company has to offer, the more excited I get about sharing them with the world. We have SO MUCH innovative thought, forward thinking products and services, and capabilities that are going to be game-changers for our clients and our industry… it’s like getting extra cherries on my sundae as a kid. Pure glee.

Over the course of the next few months I’ll be sharing all of this goodness with you… lots of big client news, innovative features and services you might not know we offer, and I’ll touch on some of the great work our team is doing in and outside of the workday. I hope you’ll stop back by and see what’s new at Vocalink. Let us know what you’d like to learn more about in the world of interpreting and translation. We’re all ears!