/, Interpreting/Giving Back… Part of a Corporate Culture.

Doing something for another – is there any better way to build moral within your team?  Offering to help – is there a better way to build client loyalty? Ask yourself if giving back is a part of your corporate culture and if it isn’t… add it! Last March 17 our corporate team participated in an event to support the deaf community. We provide American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting and were thrilled to be invited to attend this event. We looked at this as an opportunity to show our support to the community we service and thought it might be a fun activity for our team as well… we were so right!!!

We prepared for the event by inviting team members to volunteer to staff our booth, we organized our  trade show marketing materials, ordered matching branded shirts for the staff, and came up with a VERY creative idea for a door prize… a professional chef would prepare a dinner for four in your home. Our team looked great in their shirts and big smiles as each of us interacted and talked with people all day as they approached our booth. With our ASL interpreter at our side, we responded to all the questions asked about our services by the deaf community. We learned how we can improve our service to the deaf community. We were fascinated to watch the interaction with the tactile interpreters and were humbled by experiencing the caring approach of the interpreters with their deaf-blind clients.

At the end of the day, everybody collected in an auditorium for a little entertainment and door prizes. Several ASL interpreters and deaf performers shared their interpretation of some inspirational songs. The emotion was flowing from these artists as they signed the words and moved to the vibration of the music. One performance was a tribute to a mother (who was deaf) by her daughter (who was an ASL interpreter) who was a strong advocate of the deaf community and who recently passed. The performance was so moving that the entire audience was brought to tears and waved their hands in the air in applause. Our team participated in the closing event for the day by acting as the MC for handing out the door prizes and thoroughly enjoyed the excitement from the audience as each winner was announced. Watching the reaction from the winners reminded me of the audience reaction on a game show when their name was called… it was intoxicating!

I think this entire event was a HUGE success. I personally walked away with a renewed level of respect for the ASL interpreters as I was reminded that interpreters have gentle souls.  What an honor and sense of pride I feel to be in a profession that gives so much to others to enrich their lives.

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