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ViaLink – Video Remote Interpreting

Offer a more personalized interpreting experience
With ViaLink, Vocalink’s video remote interpreting solution, clients can visually connect, communicate, and interact with their customers using any device that has Internet access and a webcam. Vialink is a cost-effective approach for offering a more personal interpreting experience, and it expands access for situations that require nonverbal visual cues.

ViaLink is completely accessible through our secure online platform with a click of the button. Clients have 24/7 access to qualified, trained, professional interpreters from virtually anywhere in the world, providing them with maximum flexibility to meet the needs of their customers.

Whether our clients are conducting conferences, business meetings, medical appointments, or legal interactions, ViaLink’s state-of-the-art technology platform allows for seamless communications between our clients and their customers. ViaLink is particularly effective for healthcare providers who need to bridge a language gap. Our certified medical interpreters are trained to recognize and employ culturally appropriate nonverbal visual cues to help healthcare providers better instill trust in and meet the needs of their patients.

With more than than 275 languages in our portfolio and certified interpreters on staff, we can easily meet the needs of our clients across a range of industries, including Financial, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Insurance, and Government/Legal.

Want to learn more about video interpreting? Review our video remote interpreting quick facts, read our video remote interpreting FAQs, or call our office today.

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