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Desktop Publishing

Build a bigger audience with sharper presentation
Smart content and brilliant design are essential to outshine the competition for audience attention. But clever marketing campaigns and clear-cut training materials will be lost on target audiences if the design doesn’t conform to local standards. From print ads to web documents, brochures, presentations, training materials, posters, signage, cards, presentation boards, and more for internal and external audiences, the content and the design must be relevant to the target market.

We integrate talented design with expert translation solutions
With Vocalink’s desktop publishing solutions, we combine accomplished linguists with talented graphic designers to deliver high-impact, appropriate materials for every market segment. There are no constraints to creativity in layout and presentation. Our team is skilled at converting content and format to the target audience with fidelity to the original creative vision.

We carefully assess every component of the layout to ensure that text direction, binding, reading order, orientation, fonts, and punctuation reflect local communication styles. We are adept at working with right-to-left languages, character languages, and complex script languages. We will even convert graphics, charts, illustrations, and flow charts to ensure they are readable by the target audience. Links, indexes, tables of contents, and other components of complex manuals will also be properly localized.

Need to print files in another country? We will prepare final files for printing according to the target country’s standards and specs.

Before any materials are returned to the client, we conduct a thorough quality assurance check to ensure all text, layout, links, indexes, graphics, print settings, orientation, and margins match the source documents.

We work across formats and platforms
Vocalink team members are experienced with desktop publishing software packages and with designing for an array of purposes, including marketing, sales, training, and events for both internal and external audiences. Vu, our translation management platform, supports the vast majority of desktop and web design/creative packages.