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To find success globally, organizations need to think locally
Businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies of all sizes that want to expand their reach or grow their market share by developing and launching products or services to international audiences need to have a sound globalization strategy.

Globalization planning is critical to evaluate a product or service for globalization readiness and global acceptance. It is an ongoing, long-term planning and educational experience that analyzes the different needs, cultures, languages, laws, traditions, beliefs, capacity, and consumption habits of potential target markets. Globalization extends beyond language and cultural considerations to examine the technical aspects of a product or service. The aim is to deliver the right quality and the right innovative solutions to the target audience.

We craft global strategies to reach local markets
Vocalink is skilled at assisting clients with both evaluating and creating globalization strategies for both international users and local, international residents, employees, and visitors. We have the resources, know-how, and global market access to quickly and easily assess products and services for appropriateness.

We are experienced with conducting cultural assessments to evaluate if a product or service is appropriate for the target culture. We are also understand what it takes to ensure the content, colors, look and feel, visuals, slogans, logos, images, geopolitical issues, messaging, position, and web site hosting are appropriate for and will appeal to the target audience.

Designing for the market
Ideally, globalization planning should be part of the design and development plans for any product or service. It helps to ensure the product and service is appropriate for the target market before money and time are invested in development. When done early in the design phase, globalization planning makes the internationalization process more efficient by reducing or eliminating the need to perform re-design work for localization. The end result is a cost-effective approach to make a global product or service look local to every targeted market segment.

To improve the chance of global adoption, involve Vocalink early in the design phase of a product or service before entering a new market.