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Language Assessments

Build a stronger team with integrated language assessment and training solutions.

Ensure that bilingual associates are capable of functioning as qualified interpreters with Vocalink’s language assessment solutions.

Our hands-on, customizable language assessment tools give clients confidence in the interpreting services their associates provide. When developing our assessment tools, we first consult with our clients to gain a better understanding of their needs and expectations. We then tailor verbal, written, and site assessments to reflect the clients’ language, subject matter, and setting, as well as terms and forms specific to each client. Every assessment is done on site by our team to ensure the potential interpreter demonstrates the skills needed to competently offer interpreting services.

Following the assessment, we offer complete results and recommendations to the client.

Vocalink can support associates who want or need training in interpreting skills and protocols. We are a licensed trainer of The Community Interpreter®, a nationally recognized interpreting training program for medical, educational, and social services interpreters. We also offer OpenLingo, an e-learning program that uses distance learning technology to offer a selection of single-topic training modules.

From assessments to training to complementary solutions, Vocalink enables businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies to personalize and manage their entire language access plan through one vendor.