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Maintain compliance with turn-key language management solutions
The Joint Commission’s accreditation standards, combined with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Title VI’s prohibition on national origin discrimination, and several other state and federal laws and regulations all lead to a single mandate for healthcare providers: provide professional language services for your Limited English Proficient (LEP), deaf, and hard-of-hearing patients and caregivers.

Maintaining compliance with these laws and regulations starts with supplying competent, compliant, and culturally-aware medical interpreters as well as translated vital medical documents. But simply hiring a language service provider or training an in-house interpreting staff is not enough.

Effective communication includes communicating language access resources to patients and caregivers; instituting policies and procedures for administrative and medical staff on why, when, and how to use language access services; providing effective training; and engaging in ongoing monitoring and periodic auditing of the language access program.

Vocalink partners with healthcare clients to craft, implement, monitor, and audit compliant language access programs, providing everything a healthcare system, hospital, clinic, physicians’ group, or other healthcare facility needs to ensure legal and regulatory compliance, gain or maintain accreditation status, minimize risk, and maximize quality of care for its LEP, deaf, and hard-of-hearing patients and caregivers.

Providing the best care for patients is very complex. With Vocalink, healthcare providers have a turn-key solution for language access compliance and top notch communications.

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