//Vocalink Welcomes Nestor Colon as Sales Director

Nestor Colon recently joined Vocalink as Sales Director, increasing the firm’s focus on customer success and expanding services.  The addition to the Vocalink team was covered on Slator.com. Text of the article is included below:

As a Dayton, Ohio native growing up in a Puerto Rican family, there weren’t many multicultural resources and opportunities for Nestor Colon, Vocalink Language Services’ new Director of Sales. But he says he has always had a passion for learning about different languages and cultures and this influenced his decision to work for a language services provider.

“After leaving Dayton for college and working in major metropolitan cities from New York City to San Francisco, I decided to return and was happy to see how much Dayton had grown in its diversity. In the center of it all, I came across Vocalink,” he recounts.

“With many years experience in sales management, I thought this would be a great fit. It is so exciting to help our clients transcend multilingual and multicultural barriers, allowing them to get their message across and, in turn, get the feedback needed to succeed in the global marketplace,” he adds.

Colon reports directly to CEO and Founder Amelia Rodriguez and manages the sales team. He says he was particularly impressed with Rodriguez’s story as a local freelance interpreter who later founded Vocalink to answer the growing demand for interpreters by the city’s various ethnic groups.

“There is so much room for growth and innovation in this industry, and I am thrilled to have a front seat with Vocalink on this journey,” he says. “Everyday our world is getting smaller, and the need to be able to effectively communicate across cultures with people around the globe is growing.”

Contact Nestor with any inquiries. Welcome Nestor!