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It’s that time of year! Vocalink will be sending out quality feedback surveys to all of our current clients within the next couple of weeks. You will receive an e-mail notification and a link to where you can fill out the survey.

I strongly encourage you to fill this out and to be honest! Vocalink is always striving to provide outstanding customer service, and these surveys are extremely helpful. These surveys are sent out to all clients on a quarterly basis, but I would also encourage you to contact Vocalink if you ever have any feedback for us (good or bad).

Here are some quality assurance guidelines that Vocalink encourages to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality translations:
1.    If you have an “in-house” reviewer that proofreads all translations, introduce us to that person. If we can work directly with your reviewer for any questions that may come up, quality and speed will increase significantly. This will take out the middleman and allow us to interact with your reviewer directly.
2.    Establish a style guide and glossary. These documents identify phrases, product names, brands, terms, etc. that you would like translated in a certain way. You can also establish your aesthetic preferences for documents, such as: font size, font type, spacing, color scheme, etc.
3.    Identify and communicate any special instructions that are specific to each project. No assumptions can be made in our translations process. Communication is key!

Remember, we are here to serve your business needs, anyhow, anywhere. Please tell us how we are doing in the upcoming survey!