//Teaming Relationships. A Win-Win.

There are different types of teaming relationships that two companies can enter into, but only ONE reason to do it… to win new business together!! The word “together” is the key idea here. Think about it as an opportunity that your company couldn’t win alone and think about the best company out there (even if it’s a competitor) that would help you win the business. This strategy is long term, but will provide growth opportunities.

Here’s an example of how I used this strategy. I was working for an MBE firm providing light facility maintenance services to Government agencies and I learned that one agency wanted to consolidate my contract with that of the building operations services contract. Just one problem… That company would be the new prime and I could lose the business.

So, I spent one week researching the best building operations services companies in the local area and started making phone calls and sending emails to get a meeting. One particular company heard me when I said, “I have an opportunity for you to team with me on a Government contract”. After signing NDA’s and talking to VP’s a teaming agreement was signed and a contract negotiated.

As a result of the success of this one contract the two VP’s from the two companies entered into a formal teaming agreement and started marketing strategically to other Government agencies. This is a perfect example of a “win-win” result.