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Translation Quality Evaluation: Measuring Defects

Many quality standards and practices consider evaluating the quality of products and services by measuring actual or probable defects. Translation is much the same as other service industries. The majority of translation quality assessment, evaluation metrics and technologies follow the same concept of counting actual defects (errors), then categorizing them and assigning them a severity […]

How to decide which translation method is best for your company

Translation has changed. In the old days, when companies wanted to translate documents, there were limited options for the type of translation service they could get. That’s not true anymore. With a more developed translation industry and the availability of computer technology, companies can choose from a variety of translation types to suit different situations […]

Speed… the Ultimate Client Obsession

Speed is a premium commodity.  We know it.  We are all in a hurry, never doing just one thing at a time: text while on the phone, listen to a webinar while checking e-mail, eat and work …   We hate delays, long lines, getting voice mail.  And we will pay for speed. 

“Slow” is […]