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Establishing a Common Language as Part of Localization Planning

It is essential to establish a common language between all stakeholders in the localization process to avoid any confusion about the definition, needed input, time, effort, cost, and expected output of each specific task or process. Different stakeholders may have different understandings of what one task in the process means, and hence each one builds […]

Exciting Announcement from Vocalink to come in January!

During 2012 the interpreting world is and has been making some huge changes to provide quality interpreters and service. Vocalink is changing, growing and moving in an upward direction along with the industry.

Language services in 2013 will be provided, managed and explored in new ways by Vocalink. In January we will be revealing another technology […]

Openlingo – The Future is Now!

Evolution is a cornerstone of Vocalink. We are always looking for ways to improve our services. And By expanding the ways we do business, we offer our clients new and truly innovative solutions that effectively make communication anywhere in the world easy in any language, at anytime. As a language service provider, Vocalink had to find […]