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Interpreter Recruiting

Looking for Interpreters…

As a recruiter who also interprets, I have the unique pleasure of being able to offer a bird’s eye view of what a new interpreter will encounter out in the field during the initial interview process. My name is Casey Potts and I am a Spanish Medical Interpreter for Vocalink. I am also part of […]

Newsflash: Interpreting Jobs Event: Thank You For Coming!

In the month of June, Vocalink held two job fairs, one in Dayton for our home team and one in Cincinnati in order to cater to our team there. We held open interviews from 11 AM to 5 PM and were able to meet and chat with potential interpreters. Things are happening fast here at Vocalink. […]

Love of Languages Leads to Job

I have vivid memories of elementary school and watching children pretend to be superheroes. Some wanted to fly, some wished to be invisible, and others wanted to read minds. Instead, I wished I had the ability to understand and speak every language in the world. This is not a typical dream that a child has, […]