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Vocalink honored by Dayton Business Journal

I‌‌n a ceremony held last night, the Dayton Business Journal honored their Businesses of the Year. Vocalink accepted awards for both Minority Owned Business of the Year as well as Community Supporter of the Year. Sitting in a room full of Dayton’s shiniest business stars on a beautiful Fall evening is a treat in and […]

Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: Localization is Key!

By Amelia Rodriguez
CEO, Vocalink Language Services

Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: I love this title! It comes from one of my favorite companies in the whole world, Common Sense Advisory. They are the gods of language industry research. Studying about our industry has made them wise beyond their years.  I quote: “Common Sense Advisory polled […]

GALA: Preparing for the “current” future

This article was originally published on the GALA website.

Why is the localization industry’s role so diluted when it comes to clients’ globalization programs? Why are clients working unilaterally on their globalization programs? Are localization providers ready to support clients’ globalization programs? Is there a common understanding of what role localization providers should play in globalization? Do […]

Cultural Diversity Readiness

What does the Owl symbolize in your culture? We hear some saying wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, education, but hear others saying death and pessimism! Have you launched a new product in Brazil and had your printings designed in purple? Did you know that purple is associated with mourning in Brazil and other cultures like Thai? What […]

Localization: Profit Generator or Cost Element?

Is localization considered a money eater or a money gainer? Where does localization reside in the profit and loss (income) statement? Is there a return on localization investment? How effective can an international business be without globalization?

We have seen localization as a part of marketing, sales, product development, customer service, or all of them together. In all cases localization is […]