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Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: Localization is Key!

By Amelia Rodriguez
CEO, Vocalink Language Services

Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: I love this title! It comes from one of my favorite companies in the whole world, Common Sense Advisory. They are the gods of language industry research. Studying about our industry has made them wise beyond their years.  I quote: “Common Sense Advisory polled […]

Stoic or Expressive? Culture’s Part in Communication

“You learn something new every day” is one of my favorite sayings … because it is just so true. Last week, I stumbled across a reference to Geri-Ann Galanti’s Caring for Patients from Different Cultures, 4th Edition (Univ. of Penn. Press 2008, Kindle Edition). Delighted to find it available for Kindle, I downloaded it […]

3 Things to Do When You’re Doing Business in a New Country

If you’re planning to do business in a new country, you want to make sure it’s, well, the business. That means a lot of up front planning. Here are three essential areas for you to cover.

1. Know the Climate

First of all, you have to understand the climate. That includes knowing the political setup and being […]

A Table for Two

A mom of two wild preschool-aged boys, I knew that a dinner date with my five year old son Grady could be interesting. Our latest date, however, was more educational than I had anticipated.

You see, Grady is obsessed with maps. And learning.

Our latest date was at a local Italian restaurant, and Grady requested to dine […]

My Journey in Dayton: Chapter 1. Stick Your Foot In The Breadfruit

Luiza Evora Mota
Tue, May 19, 2015

Language has always been fascinating to me. I have always wondered how the meaning of words and phrases changes from culture to culture. Learning a new language has given me a whole new view on North American culture, my own culture, and my first language, Brazilian Portuguese.

Being […]