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Evolution is a cornerstone of Vocalink. We are always looking for ways to improve our services. And By expanding the ways we do business, we offer our clients new and truly innovative solutions that effectively make communication anywhere in the world easy in any language, at anytime. As a language service provider, Vocalink had to find ways to maintain and exceed the current industry standards of customer service. This was not only driven by existing norms but also to meet our own goal of providing an excellent level of service.

As a result, Vocalink created an interactive remote learning platform capable of delivering first class content to anyone, anywhere in the world. This transformed the way we approached the training of our own personnel and simultaneously opened doors to a vast array of other possibilities. Therefore, a platform was created that can provide cultural and client specific remote training programs ranging from local credentialing to global training solutions.

That platform is Openlingo.

Openlingo utilizes revolutionary distance learning technology which showcases a selection of single topic training modules available on-demand in industry specific areas such as healthcare, cultural, and judicial. Openlingo is an interactive learning experience based on an international platform of knowledge resources provided by experts in various fields. Openlingo allows a fast and self-paced progression towards any given goal with results being tracked and measured in real time. Our immediate objective is to improve the quality and qualification of the interpreters we use as part of the services Vocalink provides. Openlingo provides a revolutionary interpreter training platform that benefits professionals wherever they may be, no matter who they work for. But we don’t stop here as Openlingo is not limited to just interpreters nor professionals working for Vocalink, it can be used by anyone wanting to provide training in an easy to access portal.

The potential for Openlingo is virtually limitless and creates the base for any type of remote training to which Vocalink adds the multilingual capability; thus making this platform accessible anywhere in the world, in any language. The capabilities of Openlingo range from cultural subjects that will reach multiple targets, to custom designed programs tailored to meet the specific needs of a particular client. Openlingo transforms professional training and credentialing, not only by expanding existing knowledge but also by acquiring new skills in an exciting experience that is as attractive as it is effective.

As of this moment, Openlingo helps health care interpreters and providers to achieve the regulatory standards of the Joint Commission requirements by:

  1. Making the path to certification easier
  2. Integrating language services provider (LSP) and client
  3. Making Limited English Proficiency (LEP) oriented programs possible for specific clients in a way that was not available before

Soon Openlingo will become an international platform of knowledge in cultural and business training that crosses borders, cultures, disciplines, and firms. Openlingo will provide a platform where increasing masses of people can connect and share multilingual cultural and professional interests in real time: anyhow, anywhere. That is our vision, and it starts today.