/, Interpreting/Newsflash: Proud to be of service

Being an interpreter in any field is always a rewarding experience as it always means bringing people closer through language, breaking communication barriers that often limit and complicate human relations. One of the most gratifying areas to work as an interpreter, if not the most gratifying, is Health Care. Helping others to communicate in any language on this field, working with patients and health care providers who speak different languages, is part of what we do at Vocalink, and our interpreters do make us proud to be of service.

We received a letter from a boy’s parents sent to a children’s hospital, praising the interpreter assigned to them as “professional” and “engaged”, saying at one point that “(…) We are not familiar with all the technical terms interpreted, but all were explained (by the interpreter, as he relays the necessary clarifications as requested) so we understand them better.” It is the interpreter’s responsibility to make sure the message is conveyed clearly and not leave any room for doubt about its meaning. Being engaged and professional in the interpreting field, and especially in Health Care, means to leave no word misunderstood, making sure all is understood and explained with clarity.

The interpreter the parents were proud of is Jorge Crespo, one of our leading Health Care interpreters, and we are also proud to have him with us. Thank you, Jorge, for a job well done.