//Meet Lunilia Crespo

Working in a fast-paced environment is not always easy, but Lunilia Crespo and her team have become experts on balancing all aspects of their work. Crespo is the Branch Manager for Vocalink’s  Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati offices. With the motto of “never say no”, Crespo and her team are tasked with fulfilling all of the healthcare and legal interpreting appointments.

“I love what I do because at the end of the day when you go home, you look at your schedule and say ‘Wow! 120 appointments today!’ It is not the number of appointments that stand out, it is the number  of families we have helped that day. Knowing that there are families in hospitals, not being able to communicate is scary,” says Crespo.

Luni became aware of the communication gap between limited English proficient (LEP) families and health care practitioners when she spent time with her son in the hospital. Her most memorable  moment was when a Japanese family could not communicate with the doctor. “The fear you could see on their faces made me sad.”

Crespo and her team answer up to 200 phone calls daily from interpreters and clients. “This job is a challenge every day. It makes me happy, even though sometimes I am exhausted.” Along with the  large influx of daily calls, Crespo is also implementing a green way for interpreters to record their work— using the U-Clock app. It enables interpreters to do their paperwork quickly and easily on their  smartphones.

Born in Venezuela, Crespo has lived in a total of 15 countries and speaks 3 languages, French, Spanish and English. According to her, the amount of places lived and the languages spoken, makes it  easier to relate to interpreters during interactions.

Among all of the phone calls, Crespo and her team have a favorite: the “thank you” phone calls from clients. She explains, “At the end of the day, money comes and goes, but when you have something to remember for the rest of your life, it makes you a better human being.”