//What Happens in Vegas WON’T be Staying in Vegas! #HCCAci

In just one week’s time, I will be packing my bags and heading off to Las Vegas! But this time, what happens in Vegas won’t be staying there! Why? Because I will be bringing back a wealth of healthcare compliance knowledge to put into action!

The 20th Annual Healthcare Compliance Association Compliance Institute (#HCCAci) begins on April 17, 2016. As I prepare for my trip, here are some of the presentations I’m most looking forward to attending:

  • How Can Compliance and Audit Work Together to Leverage Their Expertise? Marti Arvin, Vice President and Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer for Regional Care in Brentwood, Tennessee will teach us how best to use Subject Matter Experts in compliance to help in audits. As I work with clients on auditing their Language Access Programs, I hope to gain some valuable insight on how I can help both compliance and audit professionals to successfully monitor and audit.
  • Compliance is Ruff – A Dog’s Approach. Kimberly Lansford, Chief Compliance Officer for Shriner’s Hospital for Children will be joined by Carol Lansford, Service Dog Trainer, to teach us how to apply techniques used in the service dog training industry to gain compliance and correct unwanted behaviors. I hope to gain some additional insight to add to my research on improving LEP Patient Compliance.
  • Civil Rights Compliance for Patients – What you Need to Know and How to Help Your Facilities Comply Laura Loftis, Compliance Director, and Sue Smith, Corporate Compliance Director, both from Genesis HealthCare Corporation, will walk us through the law, recent enforcement actions, and how to implement a program and monitor compliance. Language Access Compliance is, of course, born from Civil Rights. Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, prohibiting discrimination on the basis of national origin (among other protected classes), is at the heart of the requirements for providing language access assistance in healthcare.

Beyond the many fantastic presentations, I am looking forward to the comradery, networking, and fun that is always involved at the Compliance Institute. Watch for my tweets from the event and I hope you will join me for my HCCA-sponsored webinar: Improving Limited English Proficient Patient Compliance, June 2, 2016, 1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. EST.